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Handmade Luxury

I make hand-blown glass, ranging from sculptures to lights, lamps, chandeliers and decanters. All my work is designed & handmade in the UK by me and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Get in touch for your bespoke requests and for the prices of sculptures currently exhibited in my online gallery.


The work in the online gallery are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing these, please email me or fill in the contact form to discuss shipping and price. 

For bespoke requests and commission work, please email me or fill in the contact form with your requirements. I will then follow up with an email to set up a meeting to understand your exact requirements. 


I can arrange visits at your home/office or set up a meeting at our office to discuss your requirements in detail. We will finalise the budget and details of the product, based on the details provided by you.


I will then share a few designs, which can be altered if required. This correspondence is to discuss and agree on design, price and delivery date. I would then require you to make 80% payment, for me to start the work on your product.


I guarantee that all the products will be of high quality and well-finished. These products being hand-blown, the colours are achieved by mixing transparent glass with basic colours. Although I guarantee exact shades for basic colours, for sculptures requiring complex/multiple colour shades, the final colour of the product may vary slightly. 



Designed & handmade in the UK


We understand your requirements fully before starting the work


We provide high quality, well-finished products


Truly Top-Notch

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